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Cardale Thermaglide + 55 Compact Roller Garage Door

Vertically opening insulated garage doors which maximize garage and driveway space.

Cardale Thermaglide roller door

Vertical Opening Door
Suitable for short driveways or where cars are parked close to the door.
Electric Operation

Thermaglide doors have remote control electric operation as standard.
Easy to use
Thermaglide doors are the most effortless doors to use.
Excellent Weather Proofing
The side tracks encase the doors giving excellent weather proofing performance. An additional PVC strip along the bottom helps creates a barrier against the elements.
Thermaglide doors can fit more sizes and shapes of garages, even those with curved or arched doorways, because the door sits behind the opening. Cardale Thermaglide roller door from inside
Thermaglide doors are handmade to order in the UK, to ISO 9001 standards. Thermaglide doors are supplied complete with extended warranties.
Thermaglide doors insulate the garage against heat loss and noise.
The Combination of fully encased side runners and a unique self locking feature also means that this is a very secure door and because Thermaglide is fully automated there is not even a lock to pice or force !

Cardale Thermaglide Roller Garage Door

Cardale Thermaglide Roller Door The Thermaglide with its insulated aluminium lath design is vertically opening, allowing vehicles to be parked right up to the door, and with just 270mm headroom requirement (300mm for larger doors), the compact when coiled door gives superior headroom and increased overhead storage space . A remote control motor which includes an ear piercing 90dB forced lift alarm is fitted as standard, and along with many other security and safety features, makes the Thermaglide the ultimate choice! Cardale Thermaglide colour swatches

The clean lines of Thermaglide are attractive in any setting. The colourful choice of finishes can provide either an accent or a complement to existing finishes. Thermaglide is a high performance door designed to give thermal and acoustic insulating properties much higher than the average garage door, and includes a variety of features and functions that put this door at the very top of its technology.

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