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Choosing a Garage Door

A new garage door can significantly improve the security, look and value of your home as it can account for over 20% of your home's frontage. The most common questions we are asked about new garage doors are answered below. However, if there is anything else you would like to know then please contact us.

Which Garage Door

1. How much ?

As a general rule the cost of a garage door is determined by:

  • * Door size
  • * Design
  • * Materials and Finishing
  • * Lifting gear
  • * Accessories
  • * electrical operation

2. What size?

Door Size

Garage doors are generally ordered by the opening size. In most cases this will be the internal frame dimensions. Width is always quoted before height. Remember that the opening size should allow for a frame (where required) and sufficient drive through clearance. Door Size As a general rule avoid widths and heights below 7ft bigger is better. Roller doors are ordered by the curtain size We will carry out a free survey and can advise on full door specifications, including opening arcs, drive through clearances and frame fixtures and fittings. Certain doors can be Made to Measure if the opening is of a non standard size

Which design of Garage Door

3. Which design?

A garage door directly impacts on how your house looks. Replacing an old or disliked garage door is an excellent opportunity to improve and personalise your home's appearance. Choose a design that not only compliments your home's design but also one that blends in with the surrounding area and fits in with your lifestyle.

4. Which Materials?

When choosing a garage door, as with any home improvement product, there will be aspects of its looks and maintenance which will sway your decision. While all the one-piece doors we supply are manufactured using high strength reinforcing steel bracing to ensure rigidity and longevity, the material used on the surface face of your door needs to be carefully chosen to suit your requirements.

Hormann Steel 2002 Horizontal Garage DoorSteel Garage Doors

offers the greatest versatility when choosing a garage door
from low-maintenance options such as Plastisol plastic-coating,
through fully-finished Colour finishes,
to pre-finished doors which can be painted on site to suit your requirements.

Hormann Woodstock GRP Garage DoorGRP Garage Doors (Glass-reinforced Polyester) garage doors offer the user a virtually maintenance-free finish combined with unrivalled aesthetics. With the choice of gloss white or authentic wood grain finish, the range of popular designs with crisp, clean detailing will complement any house style. GRP garage doors need only the occasional wipe down to retain their quality finish.

Hormann Garage Light Timber Garage DoorTimber Garage Doors combine the warmth and beauty of real wood. Supplied treated with a micro porous neutralising base stain to resists the rigours of our traditional climate. Most timber doors are supplied unstained to allow you to match your existing timber work. They also require annual care and attention to retain their good looks.

5. Which lifting gear?

Often the most puzzling of decisions is the choice of lifting mechanisms. Basically this choice will effect the opening characteristics of the door, the amount of drive though clearance and how much space the door will take up in the garage.

Retractable Garage Doors offer exceptionally smooth opening actions and are ideal for electric operation.

Canopy Garage Doors are quick and easy to install and take up less space in the garage when opening. Once open, approximately one third of the door protrudes creating a canopy effect.

Roller and Sectional Garage Doors are suitable when garage doors are fitted in areas where there is a short driveway or garage opening close to a public area (such as a pavement).

Side Hinged Garage Doors are often used when there is a requirement to maintain a traditional image or for a more practical reason of obstructions within a garage that prevent the use of an internally opening door.

6. Which accessories?

Electric operation Hormann Supramatic Electric operator Cardale Autoglide Electric operator Steel line Roller Garage Door Motor

Offers the ability to open and close your garage door from the security and comfort of your car. It encourages you to use your garage and adds value to your home. You will be surprised how inexpensive these operators can be

Glazing Selected garage door designs are glazed, with a range of attractive designs to blend with your existing house windows and doors. Allowing natural light into the garage, a choice of glazing also allows you to personalise the look of your garage door.

 Diamond Lattice Glazing Diamond LatticeTranslucent Glazing TranslucentRuby Garage Door Glazing Ruby

Square Lattice Glazing Square - Lattice Tudor Rose Feature Glazing Tudor Rose Queen Anne Lattice Garage Door Glazing Queen Anne Lattice

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