Canopy Door

Canopy door mechanisms are contained within the door frame. It operates in vertical tracks on the door side-frame and when fully opened forms a canopy of about one-third of the doors height above the opening.

Retractable Door

Retractable doors open along horizontal tracks inside the garage and recedes almost completely into the garage space when fully opened. Retractable mechanisms are ideally suited to automatic operation

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are opened by a vertical lift action, guided by fixed vertical and horizontal tracks, the sectional door has the advantage of having no out-swing when opened or closed, allowing for close parking either side of the door. Ideal for use with larger vehicles, sectional doors are also completely weathersealed when installed

Roller Door

These are operated using a vertical lift action within smooth running vertical tracks, the curtain wraps around a cylindrical drum situated above the garage opening. As with the sectional door, the roller door allows for close parking, and offers weathersealing for your garage.

Side Hinged Doors

Steel side-hinged doors are supplied pre-assembled in a factory-made steel frame for fitting directly to the brickwork opening. Each door leaf is fitted with a minimum of three 80mm hinges with the fixed door leaf secured by virtually acting tower-bolts fitted to the inner leading edge. The steel frame is fitted with a rubber weatherstrip and an aluminium strip along the very edge of the first opening door provides extra security and weather protection.
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